Public Safety Diver Level I

Public Ssafety Diver Level I intends to build a solid foundation of diving skills for future courses and gain basic diving knowledge.

Public Safety Diver Level I

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Public Safety Diver Level I


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Public safety dive teams face some of the most difficult and demanding scenarios of any rescue team. The duties of a public safety diver include:

  • Evidence recovery operations
  • Submerged body recovery operations
  • Counter-narcotics operations
  • Anti-terrorist operations
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Other operations conducted by public safety professionals that require diving in different bodies of water

The objective of the Public Safety Diver programme is to train and certify divers to safely conduct public safety diving operations. In addition to acquiring the common knowledge and skills associated with recreational diving, these divers must also be prepared to meet the increased physical, technical and psychological demands of the fundamentals required and important for Public Safety Diving operations. In order to maintain the continuing training of these professionals, the training programme includes 4 levels:

  • PSD Level I
  • PSD Level II
  • PSD Level III
  • PSD Level III Overhead.

Each higher level is more specialised and will apply to special public safety dive teams.

This course is aimed at professional or volunteer firefighters, military units, police units and other professionals associated with law enforcement agencies.



The PSD Level I course includes 48 hours of online training, 32 hours of presence training, 20 dives and 2 scenarios.

  • Public Safety Diving Basics
  • No Deco Air Scuba Diving
  • Navigation & Orientation Underwater
  • Boat Operations
  • Night Diving & Limited Visibility Diving
  • Public Safety Equipment Techniques
  • Enriched Air Nitrox


In this scenario, trainees will plan and execute the search in a seaside environment. During the exercise, they will be required to interview role-players to obtain the basic info to plan their search, choose the right tooling to perform the search (submarine torpedoes, boat towing, marine sonar, etc.) and once the search is successful, how to collect the pieces of evidence and preserve it to guarantee a proper chain of custody.


In this scenario, trainees will face the search for a stranded element in a seaside environment, they will face the search for a lost element, the planning of how to recover it, the safety of the lifting and the buoyancy considerations while preserving the pieces of evidence. In this scenario, trainees will use the basic underwater lifting tools and other elements as proper lashing or overall safety elements.


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